Twitter and Policy Outcomes- East Asia

For more information on the organizations which contributed their data sets, please check out @Twiplomacy and @WorldBankData.  Welcome to the last region by region social media/policy comparison:

The entire East Asian region, with one extremely prominent exception, has a presence on social media.  For the total 47 Asian countries, Instagram is the least popular medium,  followed by YouTube, with 37 and 38 countries using them respectively.  42, however, are on Twitter.

Founded before 2014, where the World Bank data runs out, there are 23 active, verified Twitter accounts representing 6 countries.  However, several countries are missing all or most of their data with the World Bank, including top listers South Korea, Singapore, and Japan.  Without those countries, there is not much analysis to be had for this region and so, anticlimactically, I will decline to.

This is the end of the region by region analyses.  Keep an eye out for the case studies.  There will be 5 total, and I am currently planning to go through them one by one over the next several months.  Try not to fall off the edges of your seats until then.


Note: picture is of the National Museum of Singapore and an Indian rubber tree.


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