Twitter and Policy Outcomes- Oceania

On to Oceania!

4 nations (Australia, Fiji, Samoa, and Vanuatu) have Youtube channels.  They, plus Nauru, are the region’s only Instagramming nations. 7 are on Facebook.  10 have Twitter accounts (without Micronesia, Solomon Islands, and Tuvalu), but there are only 8 active, verified accounts representing only Australia, Fiji, the Marshall Islands, and New Zealand.  5 are exclusively personal accounts.  4 represent the prime minister and 3 the foreign ministry, while the Marshall Island’s is the lone presidential account.

The accounts with the 3 most followers are all Australian.  Number 1 by far is the prime minister’s personal account with 841,785 followers. The four Australian accounts are also the tweetingest, and in both lists the Marshall Islands’ account is at the bottom, with only 481 followers and 0 tweets per day.  That account, however, has the best interaction rate in the world- literally.  At 32.41%, it blows the next account at 5.59% (the personal account of the King of Jordan) out of the water, to the point where I worry the decimal was misplaced.

There is incredibly little poverty and inequality data available for any of these countries though.  Of them, Fiji has the most available, but not since the 2011 creation of its account.  Australia had a very slight rise in inequality.

For another project, one more focused on interactive behavior on Twitter, the Marshall Islands’ account might be a great case study.  Given the lack of comparative data, however, there is very little here to help answer my question.

Hopefully the next region can provide some answers.


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